Would you like to have your film featured on Reveel? Here's what you need to know:

  • This is not a distribution deal, this is simply an agreement to have your film streamed globally on Reveel.
  • Nothing in our general agreement restricts you from any other distribution deal, or any other platform.
  • We ONLY allow world-class independent filmmakers on the Reveel.
  • In the future we will offer various revenue-share opportunities for filmmakers once the platform is monetized in a way that allows for predictable revenue for filmmakers.
  • Reveel doesn't now, and never will ask for ownership of your work, or any revenue-share from your effort outside of Reveel.
  • By applying, you are not giving us permission to use any part of your work at any time, apart from reviewing it to determine if it's a good fit to be featured on Reveel.

After you apply and our panel reviews your film, we'll reach out to answer any final questions and talk through our agreement before moving forward.

Click Here to Apply to be Featured on Reveel