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How Bradley Charlton Created Fading Petals (2022)

Filmmaker Bradley Charlton managed to create a spellbinding movie with powerful acting from the two leads, Melanie Revill and Charlotte Reidie. With just a...

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10 Best Travel Documentary Films To Watch On Reveel

Is the wanderlust whispering in your ear, urging you to break free from your 9-5 to go on an adventure? Whether it’s the call...


Important Movies That Teach Life Lessons

They say life is the best teacher, but sometimes, it’s a well-crafted film that delivers the most poignant lessons. The films on this list...

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Inside The Life of Suraj Sharma: Movies and Bio

Oh man, remember that little dude from Life of Pi? The one stranded on that lifeboat with the tiger? Well, let me tell you,...

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The Life of Iqbal Theba: His Movies and Career

You may not have known it, but you’ve definitely seen the talented Iqbal Theba on screen before. His list of roles spans plenty of...

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10 Best Movies for Memorial Day Weekend

As we fire up the grill and prepare to spend our weekend in the sun, it’s important that we also don’t forget the many...

Reveel Spotlights of the Week

The Illegal Movie (2021): Where To Watch

Through the story of an immigrant seeking higher education in America, The Illegal movie offers a powerful portrayal of the steep costs and harsh...

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Danish Renzu Discusses His Brutally Honest Immigration Film

The American Dream remains frustratingly out of reach for most immigrants in the United States. Despite the promises of opportunity, they face immense barriers,...

Reveel Film and Series Recommendation Lists

40 Best Free Sci-Fi Streaming Movies

There’s nothing more fascinating than imagining what the future holds. Science fiction is the gateway to other worlds, time paradoxes, and technology that stretches...

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