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Best Free Filipino Movies You Can Watch Right Now

“There’s always a Filipino somewhere” is a well-known fact, and it’s true even in streaming platforms. Of course we have some right here in Reveel. From the adrenaline-infused streets of Manila to the sun-kissed beaches of Maui, Filipinos offer up their kaleidoscope of stories that resonate with emotional depth, unexpected thrills, and quirky humor.

Ready to dive into tales of passion and resilience, all while witnessing the stunning locales the Pearl of the Orient has to offer? Here are 5 independent Filipino movies that are not only rich in narrative but also available for free – your ticket to an authentic cultural journey awaits!

Almighty Zeus

5. Almighty Zeus

This underdog story follows a young boxer with a heart of gold and fists of thunder who leaps to the defense of an elderly man under assault, and unexpectedly, turns into a viral sensation. When the reigning Middleweight Champion sees the video and challenges him to a match, a high-energy drama of ambition, courage, and redemption unfolds in the ring.

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4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Welcome to Somewhere Over the Rainbow – a captivating Filipino drama unfolding in the vibrant city of Manila. The story follows Sancho, a spirited Spaniard who journeys to new horizons with a job promise from his friend Alonso. However, Sancho is met with a set of unexpected twists as he discovers Alonso has mysteriously vanished.

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3. Punch Shot

Punch Shot introduces us to Kaila Elsayegh, a talented 11-year-old golf prodigy who’s taking the links by storm. Her extraordinary skills don’t just shine on the fairway – Kaila is a brilliant mathematician as well. An inspiring take on the age-old tale of talent and tenacity overcoming adversity, this film is testament to the spirit of youth and the world that awaits when they dare to dream.

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2. Where Love Found Me

Flung into the chaotic streets of a cramped slum, our protagonist crosses paths with a gang of street children who turn his world upside down. Based on true events, this film not only narrates a story with heart-touching branches of street life but also urges you to re-evaluate your comprehension of ‘family’.

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1. Moku Moku

The movie is set in Maui and follows three best friends as they navigate their everyday life in paradise. With humor and charm, it tackles the intricacies of late-stage capitalism, all through the price of a local delicacy – Musubi. So, expect a fair share of laughs, bonding moments, and a critical peek into the reality of living in paradise.

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Reveel is a rising streaming service that was created to empower both independent filmmakers and audiences to have alternatives to the many sequels, remakes, and reboots coming out of Hollywood. The platform focuses on promoting 100% original stories from all across the world, with a unique spotlight on underrepresented creators. As Reveel’s content library expands in 2024, viewers can expect to see an even greater emphasis on Filipino cinema.

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