5 Best Animated Short Films To Watch For Free On Reveel

Sometimes the best stories aren’t the longest, they are the shortest. Short films have perfected the art of telling a captivating story in just a few minutes and animated shorts are some of the most enjoyable short film experiences. Animated short films can take us to new worlds full of human creativity or they can tell an expressive story rooted in the most human needs. Whether you are looking for something new to watch or you have an hour or less to kill, here are the best 5 animated short films on Reveel.

Roots Poster

5. Roots

This short film may not have a lot of runtime but it has a lot to say. Roots is about deforestation in a fantasy forest. The story follows a friendly tree spirit as it makes its escape from the woodcutters. The beautiful animation done by Alexy Muller, Arno De Regge, David Klein, and Sacha Rossi is enchanting. It draws you into the tree spirit’s world and their emotions as their world crumbles in front of their eyes.

Watch Roots on Reveel

Beloved Poster

4. Beloved

Life is about connections. Relationships get us through the day and sometimes it’s the connections made with strangers that become our most cherished memories. Beloved is a heartwarming film about the kindness of strangers. The film is about a young girl who stumbles upon an elderly woman carrying groceries in the snow and offers to help only to realize that she’s not the only lonely one. Beloved tells a smaller story about the unexpected but welcomed beauty of everyday life.

Watch Beloved on Reveel

The White Nightingale Poster

3. The White Nightingale

This short film doesn’t tell an isolated story. Instead, the film takes us on a journey with the main character. Without any dialogue at all, the film manages to be comedic, dramatic, sad, and joyful. The White Nightingale follows a young woman who wants nothing more than to be a ballet dancer in the next big production “The White Nightingale”. However, getting the role will be harder than she thought when her family and personal responsibilities put extra weight on her shoulders. The White Nightingale impressively evokes a variety of emotions in viewers even though it’s only 6 minutes long.

Watch The White Nightingale on Reveel

Super Hero Clock Poster

2. Super Hero Clock

Comic book superheroes seem like all the rage these days but there are more superheroes than just in Marvel and DC. Super Hero Clock is a short film web series that introduces us to a fresh new superhero called The Time Hero. With a short amount of time and a limited budget, Jess The Dragoon still creates a charming and clever series about a superhero with time-manipulation powers. The episodes are all under 10 minutes long, which makes it easy to marathon the entire series in one sitting.

Watch Super Hero Clock on Reveel

Laniakea Poster

1. Laniakea

Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying”. Laniakea is a short film about the idea of being alone in the universe. The film follows a futuristic space explorer who has hopes to find extraterrestrial life but as of yet has not succeeded in finding anything. Dima Taran, the creator of Laniakea, manages to make a short film that is both visually stunning and thought-provoking. Laniakea makes you contemplate your place in the universe and it does so better than many feature films that have tackled the same concept.

Watch Laniakea on Reveel

Discover More Amazing Short Films on Reveel

These short films are only the tip of the iceberg. From horror to comedy, Reveel has a wide selection of short films from all genres for you to enjoy. And Reveel’s library is only growing. Every Friday, Reveel adds new films and shows to the platform. There is plenty of great content just waiting to be discovered. So, what are you waiting for? Start discovering!

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