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10 Best Movies That Are 90 Minutes or Less

Time is of the essence, and in our fast-moving world, committing to a long movie can often feel like a luxury we just can’t afford. With that bustling rhythm of life in mind, we’ve curated an electrifying list of cinematic treasures, each spinning their tale in 90 minutes or less. So grab that popcorn, and let’s dive into the 10 Best Movies That Are 90 Minutes or Less, promising you a full cinematic experience in just a fraction of the time.

9. After the Rain

Breathe life into your spare moments with After the Rain, a hauntingly beautiful tale of a woman’s quest to bring color to the final days of a terminal young man. Based on a true story, the film navigates these challenging waters with grace, delivering a riveting depiction of tenderness, resilience, and the fragility of life—all within our loved 90-minute window.

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8. A Night in New York

In this enthralling story, we follow the lives of various guests at an upscale Manhattan hotel as they grapple with love’s countless complications in the heart of the Big Apple during Christmas. It’s a potent blend of romance and drama, all set against the glittering backdrop of New York City at its most magical time of year.

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7. T h e m

If mind-bending drama is your forte, then “T h e m” is your ideal pick for a quick cinematic experience. Humans cannot see them anymore. They control the world and everything that happens in it. Humans live in a comfortable dream that repeats itself. They control the dream. They were humans once too. Now they are something else.

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6. Concessionaires Must Die!

On the brink of their beloved single-screen independent movie theater being shut down forever, a misfit band of theater workers face the corporate evil, foreclosure and the unthinkable…having to decide what they want to be when and if they ever grow up.

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5. Shackleton’s Captain

In this recounting, Captain Frank Worsley takes the helm of the Endurance, tasked with delivering Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew to Antarctica. However, when their expedition ship is crushed, adversity catapults Worsley into the unlikely role of human lifebuoy—his expert navigation becoming their only hope for survival.

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4. American Kamasutra

A divergence from our typical movies, this film explores the complex relationships woven between the female residents of a small town and a local author whose forte is erotic fiction. Intrigue, sensuality, and small-town dynamics fuse together in this gripping roller-coaster that skillfully blends drama with a good dose of erotism.

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Marlene movie thumb image

3. Marlene

Ever been in a situation where a simple task takes an unexpected turn? That’s exactly what happens in Marlene. This 90-minute drama introduces us to Frank, a contract killer for a large syndicate, given the responsibility of abducting and delivering a girl named Marlene. What was supposed to be a seamless task transforms into a turbulent saga when Frank falls for Marlene, bringing into question his loyalties.

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2. Strider

Jody, a lonely teen, forms an unlikely alliance with Hannah, a fallen-from-grace track coach. Over a simmering summer, the two expend blood, sweat, and tears to prepare for the Pinnacle Games, the grandest track-and-field contest on the East Coast. Strider is a testament to perseverance, friendship, and the human spirit, all neatly wrapped up in under 90 minutes.

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1. Sweet Sunshine

This intense film unravels the tale of a youthful superstar whose quick rise to fame leads to a falling out with his father, followed by a precipitous personal tragedy. Yet, as is the way of life, the darkness births the dawn, and a fortuitous encounter with a gifted young woman lights his path towards belief and trust in himself again. Wrapped neatly into 90 minutes.

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