10 Most Beautiful Animated Movies
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10 Most Beautiful Animated Movies

To celebrate the marriage of art and story within this glorious medium, we gaze into the canvases of folklore and future alike, presenting the 10 Most Beautiful Animated Movies. These gems of visual storytelling transport us beyond our daily lives, whisking us away on journeys shimmering with unparalleled beauty. So, prepare your eyes and heart to be captivated; from the far reaches of the universe to the intimacy of a forest spirit’s plight, these selections exemplify the pinnacle of animated allure.

10. Laniakea

In an era when superluminal speeds render the universe an exploratory playground, Laniakea juxtaposes solitude with grandeur. In this compelling space odyssey, we follow our lone protagonist as he unveils a cosmic mystery encoded in a drifting monolith. The journey soon transports him to a breathtaking alien world, expressed in striking detail that showcases the animation medium’s limitless potential.

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9. White Nightingale

Follow the tale of Faith, a hopeful young woman whose dreams of being in the spotlight as a famous ballet dancer manifest. Despite a mix of challenges that stand in her way, including financial concerns, a demanding job, physical training and a tumultuous family situation, Faith bravely presses on. White Nightingale’s animation proves that the dance of chasing dreams and surmounting life’s hurdles can also be richly sublime.

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8. Roots

This short animation brings to light the impacts of deforestation, told through the eyes of a kind tree spirit forced to leave his home due to the human activity. We get to see the forest, once vibrant and teeming with life, slowly dying away. The animation paints an evocative picture not only of the external dilemma, but also of the internal struggle within the spirit himself.

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7. The Blissful Accidental Death

This film revolves around a young man who happens upon a unique drawing in an antique shop. Compelled by the love letter written on the back, he undertakes an unexpected journey unveiling a secret and enduring amor between a renowned poet and a painter. The narrative springs from a vibrant mosaic of the painter’s life, her dreams, the clandestine romance, and a surreal exploration of what a ‘blissful accidental death’ could mean.

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6. The Dragon (Aždaja)

Portraying the ritualistic summoning of the Great Dragon in a secluded village, this animated feature captures the delicate equilibrium between tradition and transformation, as fresh influences bleed into the old ways. Each scene unfurls like a stunning tapestry, weaving threads of vibrant hues against the mountainous Bosnian backdrop.

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5. Wolf’s Child

Wolf’s Child introduces us to a stunning, painterly wilderness pulsing with raw emotion, told through its delicate character designs and dramatic lighting. This poignant tale depicts a father’s sacrifice as he saves his infant son from a wolf attack, leading to an unexpected twist of fate when another wolf chooses to raise the now orphaned child.

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4. The Wizard in the Woods

This story swirls around a Wizard who is prompted to pause in a lush forest. Here, he encounters a peculiar, sentient tree – a meeting that sets in motion a chain of events that upturns everything. The animation in this film is exemplary, illuminating the magic of a lively forest with sublime intricacy and vivid colors, creating a spectacle of visual grandeur.

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3. Out With The Old

In this film, the real world becomes a breathtaking landscape of trials and triumphs, azure skies and rose-tinted sunsets, a testament to the boundless beauty animation can achieve. And as if the journey wasn’t challenging enough, the brave toy has a rather clingy co-traveler – a stuffed elephant desperate not to be left behind.

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2. How To Rob A Witch

A short fantasy heist film that breathes life into the charming tale of a brother and sister daringly robbing a witch’s abode hidden beneath a wishing well deep in the whispering woods. This compelling tale, narrated through the flawless execution of 2D animation and skillful storytelling, ushers viewers into an enchanted realm that lingers in memory long after the movie ends.

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1. Finding Callaro

The story introduces us to Kepler, a planet that’s on the brink of death, driven by the Earthers’ voracious appetite for the super energy source provided by the Callaro plant. Bearing the future of their home on their little shoulders, three heroic Kepler SpaceKids embark on a perilous mission to find the lost Callaro oasis. The confluence of the film’s riveting narrative and breathtaking animation creates a bedazzling visual feast, firmly placing “Finding Callaro” on our list of the most beautiful animated movies.

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