10 Funny Movies about Zombies
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10 Most Funny Movies about Zombies

Chuckle your way through the apocalypse with these hilarious funny movies about zombies! Lifeguards vs Zombies? Frankenstein vs Zombies? These outlandish concepts may seem like the stuff of fever dreams, but they’re the reality in this extraordinary collection of zombie movies. If you want a fresh take on the never dying zombie genre, one that defies convention and expectations, then you need to check out these funny movies about zombies

10 Comedy Movies about Zombies

10. Frankenstein: Savior Of The Zombie Apocalypse

Imagine a world ravaged by a biological disaster, leaving humans to become blood-thirsty zombies. In the midst of this horror, a lone survivor arises. His fate now lies in the hands of a different kind of monster – one we know all too well: Frankenstein.

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9. Lifeguards Vs. Zombies

Our list of funny movies about zombies wouldn’t be complete without Lifeguards vs. Zombies. Infected by a contaminant in the water, citizens transform into carnivorous, brain-craving zombies, laying siege to the lifeguard’s turf. With witty dialogue and vivid ’80s culture, this film meshes campy horror elements with the vivacious spirit of summer.

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8. Braindead

Brains and heart aren’t usually associated with zombies, but Braindead puts a fresh spin on the undead narrative. It tells the story of Wes Richards, a working-class zombie who is in desperate need of a job after his daughter Stacy gets accepted into a pricey university. What unfolds is a series of interviews and rejections—a less than quiet commentary about societal prejudices against the undead.

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7. Anonymous Zombie

A group of addicts, attending a rehabilitation program at an isolated farm, soon discover that their therapeutic retreat is full of zombies. This scenario is a dastardly twist on an old trope: addicts sneaking in drugs and alcohol only to find out that the farm that was meant to be their sanctuary, is in fact, a lair for the undead.

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6. Night of the British Dead

Night of the British Dead delivers on this expectation, combining drama and comedy into a uniquely British package. Grab a cup of tea, sit down, and watch as John and Barbra’s cemetery trip turns into an unexpected turn of events that would ruin anyone’s plans for a peaceful night in.

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5. World Ends at Camp Z

Who would have thought a campground could turn into a rampaging zombie apocalypse? ‘World Ends at Camp Z’ brings to screen a perfect mix of fright and delight. Thrown in the deep end, our unlikely hero must navigate this nightmare, all with his beloved campground at stake.

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4. Zombie Wars

Featuring multiple short funny movies about zombies, this film teases the wits of survival while dipping toes in the delightfully gory lore of the undead. Whether you shriek at the sight of blood or laugh maniacally, this camera-spanning anthology provides a refreshing take on the classic zombie horror tale.

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3. How Zombies Could Happen

Who says learning about the undead couldn’t be educational? This unorthodox film takes you on a thrilling journey into the scientific and fantastical theories of how a zombie apocalypse might come to be. Rather than your standard run-and-gun apocalyptic narrative, “How Zombies Could Happen” offers a feature-length exploration of the chilling, yet fascinating possibilities of facing a world ravaged by the undead.

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2. Zombie Rage

Imagine witnessing the genesis of a zombie apocalypse from five chilling perspectives. This anthology of terrifying tales takes us through gruesome stories of the undead uprising. Fasten your seatbelts and ready yourself for an exploration into the gory psyche of zombie lore.

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1. Zombie With A Shotgun

Zombies, shotguns, and a dangerous virus—what more could you want in a movie? Achieving a simple blend of terror, confusion and gore, Zombie With a Shotgun stands out as a unique genre-bender that puts a spin on the conventional zombie film.

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