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Good news! You don’t have to hold out for a hero anymore, because this week, we’re bringing the caped crusaders to you. We’re shining a spotlight on underappreciated superhero movies, available on Reveel. These hidden gems feature the typical brave protagonists with extraordinary abilities… but with a twist. Venture into the unconventional as this lineup of movies about people with superpowers breaks away from the traditional superhero formula.


10. The Trainee


Meet Riley Ludwig, a superhero sidekick in training. She’s on a quest to become one of the “good guys” — despite her mentor’s unusual interrogation techniques.


Watch The Trainee on Reveel


Killing Time

9. Killing Time

When a rural diner gets an unexpected guest, the regulars find themselves in a nightmarish race against an entity they never thought they would encounter – Time. This metahuman tale teaches a terrifying truth: none can run from time.


Watch Killing Time on Reveel


8. Super Hero Clock


Tick Bender, an aspiring comic artist juggles the pressures of paying for college. His life takes a radical turn when he stumbles upon his super powers, evolving into the enigmatic Warrior of Time. Eager to learn more about Tick’s adventures? Trust us, you’re in for a delight.


Watch Super Hero Clock on Reveel


7. Dispel


This unique tale of courage tells the story of young Lizzie who leverages the lessons from her favorite TV show, ‘Celeste Skygoode’, to combat the dark forces that have possessed her mother. This thrilling narrative explores the hero within us all.


Watch Dispel on Reveel


6. Talisman


This young man who stumbles upon dark secrets upon discovering an enigmatic talisman left behind by his grandfather. As he tries to unravel the mysteries of the talisman with his friends, they stumble upon a spectacle that sets them on an unforeseen journey.


Watch Talisman on Reveel


5. All Superheroes Must Die


Stakes run high as four superheroes find themselves in a cruel race against time. Abducted by their arch nemesis, they’re coerced into a series of deadly challenges with an innocent town’s population hanging in the balance.


Watch All Superheroes Must Die on Reveel


4. All Superheroes Must Die 2: The Last Superhero


In a universe dominated by metahumans and masked crusaders, we find Charge, the world’s last standing superhero. Vicky O’Neil is a reporter has an exclusive interview with Charge, but what she finds is a labyrinth of secrets, chivalry, and epic battles.


Experience the captivating tale of the Last Superhero on Reveel



3. Nine Divine


Go into a world where art is more than just a creative outlet, it’s an escape route. A timid foster girl utilizes her remarkable talent in art to distance herself from her tormenting reality. However, when her baby brother goes missing, she finds herself in a race against time.


Watch Nine Divine on Reveel


2. Drafted: Origins


Atlanta is known for many things. Peaches, the Braves, the Falcons. But it is also the epicenter for some of the most powerful beings with unique abilities. In Drafted: Origins, you will be welcomed to a view of the city you’ve never seen, filled with suspense and mysterious superpowers.


Watch Drafted: Origins on Reveel


1. Fade


Can a lazy millennial surpass a rigorous test when bestowed an extraordinary power? This is the challenge of our protagonist in Fade. In this gripping tale, our reluctant hero goes from an unmotivated young man to someone burdened with the power of teleportation.


Watch Fade on Reveel


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