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5 Best Short Free Horror Movies on Reveel

Horror is one of the best genres for short-form storytelling. Some argue that horror works better in a short film than it does in feature films. Many well-known feature films (Lights Out, Mama, Oculus, and Saw) all began as short films before becoming blockbuster hits. Horror shorts are great if you want a quick scare or if you want to watch something that is suspenseful and leaves you on the edge of your seat. Reveel has a great selection of horror short films that you can watch immediately at no cost. In this blog post, we go through some of our top horror films that you should check out. Here are the 5 best short free horror movies on Reveel:

Some of these short films contain graphic violence and sensitive content.

5 Best Short Free Horror Movies To Watch on Reveel

Watch Monster, a Free Horror Movie on Reveel

5. Monster

A child crying monster is usually shrugged off by parents. Most of the time the monster will be the kid’s imagination but what if the monster is real? This horror short film tells the story of Andrea and her son Ethan who move into a home where the son is haunted by a monster. Although she brushes off his nightmares as trauma from his father, she soon realizes that the monster is more real than she thought. Monster has moments of great suspense and is a great horror short film to watch.

Watch Monster on Reveel

Watch Pistachio, a Free Horror Movie on Reveel

4. Pistachio

Waking up to be captive to a serial killer is a nightmare come true. Director Joshua F. Leonard creates a horror short film that captures this reality and adds his own little twist to the story that will take you by surprise. The film follows Kelly as she awakens, chained in a dark hole of horror… What does her masked captor want, and is all what it seems to be? Pistachio is an entertaining short film that keeps things simple narratively, but visually but still manages to be a great watch.

Watch Pistachio on Reveel

Watch Sleep Well, a Free Horror Movie on Reveel

3. Sleep Well

Sean Cruser and Tyler Beveridge created this short film in the middle of the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic. With little budget, cast, and crew, they managed to produce a great horror short film that is both suspenseful and scary. The film follows a man who begins hearing knocking at his door that drives him slowly insane leading to dire consequences. Is it real or just in his head? Sleep Well is a simple short that packs a big punch.

Watch Sleep Well on Reveel

Watch The Routine, a Free Horror Movie on Reveel

2. The Routine

The Routine is a 2014 short film that has many parallels to the 2020 quarantine. Tara Price directs, writes, and stars in the short, giving an amazing yet chilling performance all throughout. The synopsis for The Routine reads: The future is here and with everything just a click away we no longer need to even leave our homes. Perhaps it’s bliss for some, but for others, our reliance on modern technology may have dire consequences.

Watch The Routine on Reveel

Watch Stray, a Free Horror Movie on Reveel

1. Stray

Stray isn’t your typical horror short film. The short has a lot of depth and a story that is more well-developed than in most short films. Clocking in at 30-minutes, the short has the perfect runtime to deliver a captivating story without overstaying its welcome. Stray is about Jack, a small-town cop who left his family behind many years ago and takes in his estranged granddaughter Stacy after her mother dies. But when Jack’s second attempt at a family gets cut short, he seeks revenge the only way he knows how. Stray is one of the most entertaining short free horror movies to watch if you’re looking for something a little different.

Watch Stray on Reveel

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