8 Best Movies about Unrequited Love

For those of you who have loved and not been loved in return, here are 8 movies about unrequited love where love is not openly reciprocated or understood as such by the beloved. So grab a box of tissues and make sure your comfort food is within reach, for these tales are sure to stir the soul and perhaps even echo your own untold stories.

8. The First Time I Saw You

An unconventional tale of love and obsession, The First Time I Saw You twists the ingrained concepts of love at first sight and attentive adoration. A young man, smitten by a seemingly ordinary woman, finds himself plunged into the depths of infatuation, following her every move in an uncanny display of silent admiration. In an homage to the silent film era, dialogue is traded for raw emotion and clear storytelling, allowing the audience to feel the complex intensity of unrequited love. However, things take a startling turn when he discovers a secret about her.

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7. Hang Up!

Modern storytelling meets Shakespearean villainy in Hang Up! In this chilling narrative, an inadvertent butt dial exposes an unsuspecting husband to some disturbing thoughts and plans of his otherwise loving wife. Recalling some of Shakespeare’s most infamous villains like Macbeth, the movie walks us through a series of treacherous dialogues that are sufficient to make anyone’s hair stand on end.

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She's Out of His Mind

6. She’s Out of His Mind

Standing where unfulfilled yearnings and unreciprocated emotions converge, is ‘She’s Out of His Mind’. On the eve of his old flame’s wedding, Roland Hayes, the heartbroken hero, finds himself visited by the specter of love itself, embodied in every woman he has loved but lost. Laughter and sorrow exist side by side in this surreal exploration of Roland’s past/present relationships.

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5. What Other Couples Do

Get to the heart of desire with this smartly snarky, poignant film about the complications of love. Four couples gather for a typical L.A. dinner party, which quickly takes an unexpected detour when they decide to play the unpredictable game ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven.’ Careful, for this heartfelt film exposes the fact that sometimes what you lust for is not what, or who, you expected.

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4. Christmas Crime Story

A unique pick in our list of best movies about unrequited love, Christmas Crime Story is an explosive narrative revolving around a botched Christmas Eve robbery that intertwines the lives of a police officer, a photographer, a murderous fiancée, her secret lover, and a strung-out mall Santa. As the night unfolds, so do their intertwined relationships, their secrets, and their longings for love unrequited.

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3. A Night in New York

Set against the backdrop of the charming Big Apple at Christmas, “A Night in New York” takes us on a journey through love in all its forms, but most poignantly, the sheer complexities and heartache of unrequited affections. As several guests staying in an upscale Manhattan hotel navigate the maze of their feelings, they come face to face with the trials and tribulations of love that’s not returned or understood.

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2. Not Since You

This movie narrates a tangled-web of unrequited love amongst a group of tight-knit college friends who cross paths again after their NYU days, at a weekend wedding in Georgia. The reunion stirs old memories, awakens dormant affections, and quickly complicates matters of the heart.

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1. Life on Pause

Still harbouring feelings for his college crush, our protagonist tries to win her love with his “totally awesome” camera skills, hoping that his talent can be his ticket to her heart. How does it feel to press pause on your life, waiting for a love that may never be returned? This movie unfolds the answer with a delicate balance of heartache and 80’s charm.

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