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Behind-The-Scenes Interviews With Filmmakers

How a Filmmaker Crafted a Compelling Movie with One Actor

Movies with one actor are a rarity, and ones that captivate audiences from start to finish are even scarcer. Yet, filmmaker Jeremy Meyer has...

Behind-The-Scenes Interviews With Filmmakers

This Filmmaker Chronicles the Demise of the Family Video Rental Store

The age of physical media rentals has come to an end, replaced by the convenience of digital streaming. While this new era may be...

Behind-The-Scenes Interviews With Filmmakers

An Inside Look at ‘Mob Ghost’ with Filmmaker Jimmy Caputo

You think seeing a ghost is spooky? Try having a ghostly guest who was a mafia man. Filmmaker Jimmy Caputo lets us peek behind...

Behind-The-Scenes Interviews With Filmmakers

The Director Behind The Most Disturbing Dinner Party Movie Ever

Would you accept an invitation to a dinner party from a stranger? We sat down with Rocko Paolo, the director of The Dinner Party,...

Behind-The-Scenes Interviews With Filmmakers

Producing Smile or Hug (2022): Interviewing Chelsea Javier and Paul Sprangers

Making the leap from shoestring indies to a legitimate budget is an uphill climb for low-budget filmmakers. However, Chelsea Javier and Paul Sprangers defied...

Reveel Spotlights of the Week

What is The Storyteller (2018)? Everything You Need To Know

Remember the magic of E.T. or The Goonies? Let’s throw it all the way back when films really were magical, and you could escape...

Reveel Film and Series Recommendation Lists

15 Best Movies with a Strong Female Lead

Cinematic storytelling thrives on diversity, embracing the rich amount of human experiences. For too long, the silver screen was dominated by male protagonists, limiting...

Reveel Film and Series Recommendation Lists

10 Best Movies That Are 90 Minutes or Less

Time is of the essence, and in our fast-moving world, committing to a long movie can often feel like a luxury we just can’t...

Behind-The-Scenes Interviews With Filmmakers

Indie Filmmaker Explores Technology’s Dark Side in 12-Minute Masterpiece

Black Mirror isn’t the only story taking a hard look at how technology is messing with society. Filmmaker Fernando Tosetti is also examining our...

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