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There’s nothing quite like watching a peaceful home become a battleground for survival. The thought alone is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl, and horror movies have mastered the art of exploiting this primal fear to its fullest. From the creak of a floorboard to the shadowy basement at night, a home invasion story grips […]

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Melissa Peterman


Reveel Exclusives

Melissa Peterman has an ability to put a smile on anyone’s face. She is a talented actress who is known for her vibrant personality and infectious sense of humor. While many recognize her from her role as Barbra Jean in the hit sitcom “Reba,” there is much more to know about this multi-talented entertainer. In […]

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Movies To Watch For The Fourth of July



Ready for some awesome movies to watch for the fourth of July? We’ve put together the ultimate list of patriotic films that are perfect to watch for Fourth of July. These 10 cinematic gems give you a real taste of America – the good, the bad, the inspiring, and the hard-hitting. You’ll feel bursts of […]

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The Real Story Behind Something in the Woods (2015)

Who doesn’t love a good urban myth? Aliens, Bigfoot…they can spark the imagination like few other topics. But what if we told you that “Something in the Woods” (2015) isn’t just another made-up story about an encounter with our hairy friend – it’s based on a real story! That’s right; this spine-tingling film follows one […]

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The Shocking Backstory of Jesse Hutch’s Life and Career

Jesse Hutch, in his own words, has been working on his “overnight success story” for over 20 years. He has starred in many films/shows and went on to become a recognizable face around Hallmark. However, being an actor isn’t the most fascinating thing about Jesse. He has a fascinating backstory and a thrilling personality. In […]

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10 Best Inspirational Sports Movies


What To Watch

There’s something with movies about sports that captures the heart like no other. Maybe it’s our love for an underdog story that keeps us coming back for more.  Or maybe you just love competition. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of sports or someone who can’t tell a touchdown from a home run, these following 10 […]

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12 Horror Movies So Ridiculous – Ridiculously Good


What To Watch

We all know the allure of a good guilty pleasure flick — movies so ludicrous and outlandishly executed that we can’t help but be bowled over by the audacity. Welcome to the delightful chaos of entertainment where we go through 12 horror movies that are so outrageous they’re amazingly good. Strap in and prepare to […]

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