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New on Reveel: 8 New Free Short Films

We have just added eight new free short films for Reveel fans to check out. This roundup of independent films have an even mix of sci-fi, romance, drama, and a small amount of mystery. From a story about the swiping on a dating app to a story about babysitting a grown adult, here are the eight new films available to watch for free on Reveel.

1. “Swiped” Directed By Edward Douglas

Swiped may only be 3-minutes but it’s one of the most memorable free short films that you’ll see. The comedy short is about Melody  who swipes a few hot guys on her augmented reality dating app, when she meets her match in a man who may be more—or less—than meets the eye. Swiped is a smart comedy that plays on your expectations to tell a story that is all too relatable.

Watch Swiped For Free on Reveel

2. “Sitting” Directed By Max Barron, Jones, and Michael Woodward

What if a babysitting job turned out to be for a grown adult? Sitting is a short film that centers around this idea with an added twist. The film is about Bryn who’s week goes from bad to worse, when her latest babysitting gig turns out to be a grown man. Sitting has an intriguing premise and acting performances that are extremely memorable.

Watch Sitting For Free on Reveel

3. “Talisman” Directed By Wayne F. Cella

Talisman is a short film series about a young man who comes into possession of a strange necklace after his grandfather passed away. When he and his friends gather to watch a meteor shower in memory of his grandfather, they see something truly extraordinary and the talisman begins to reveal its secrets. The short film series has 9 episodes and the story only gets interesting as time goes on.

Watch Talisman For Free on Reveel

4. “Angel One” Directed By Kevin Borger

This sci-fi has a very familiar setting. The film may not make the most sense at first but by the end everything will come together. Angel One is a low budget sci fi short about two pilots fighting for their lives and for glory. But not all is as it seems. The film’s budget was $100 and was shot entirely in a basement.

Watch Angel One For Free on Reveel

5. “Enemies” Directed By Oliver Griffiths

Enemies is a short film that explores the relationship of two brothers on the opposite sides of the American Civil War. Enemies is set in 1864 during the American Civil War. It follows a confederate soldier who deserts his camp following a traumatic event, and leaves to join the Union. Feeling betrayed and angered, his older brother pursues him into the wilderness. Enemies is a heartbreaking story that shows how different beliefs can break apart families.

Watch Enemies For Free on Reveel

6. “The Penitent Thief” Directed By Andrew Walton

This touching short film reminds us that the past will come back to haunt us until we learn to let go. The Penitent Thief is about a widow who struggles to reconcile with her past, as a mysterious threat wages misfortune on the family farm. The Penitent Thief is moving and has an uplifting ending to the story.

Watch The Penitent Thief For Free on Reveel

7. “Level Up” Directed By Greg Koorhan

This short film is a romantic comedy that tells a story about the awkward and adorable world of high school dating relationships. Level Up is about highschoolers Tim and Maggie who have a great relationship based on their mutual love of video games. But, when a new girl enters the map, they reach a level they’ve never played before. The film is a feel good comedy that is reminiscent of many early 2000s teen romance movies.

Watch Level Up For Free on Reveel

8. “Guesthouse” Directed By Periklis Tsintzas

Need a good mystery? The Guesthouse is a mystery thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end. The film is about a mother and his son who after being lost on a road trip end up in a guesthouse in which they spend the night, but there is a dark secret waiting for them inside. This film takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions as you are trying to figure out what exactly is going on.

Watch Guesthouse For Free on Reveel