New on Reveel: Free Indie Short Films

New on Reveel

We’ve added six new free indie short films to our library. These films tell stories that come from all around the world ranging from being a tribute to Romanian art from the twentieth century to telling a simple cautionary tale about why you should never mess with a baby rhinoceros. Here are the six newest films on Reveel.

The Blissful Accidental Death Directed By Sergiu Negulici

1. The Blissful Accidental Death

This film provides one of the most unique cinematic experiences that you will probably ever have. The Blissful Accidental Death has beautiful animation and an even more beautiful story. The story came alive when the director, Sergiu Negulici, met with the famous painter, Medi Wechsler Dinu at 105yrs old after discovering a small, old drawing in an antique shop with a love letter on the back, implying a secret love story between a famous poet and a painter (Medi Dinu), a secret that was kept for 80 years. The film is a personal interpretation of Dinu’s life and imagines the moment she wrote about, dreaming “a blissful accidental death.”

The Blissful Accidental Death Is Now Available To Watch on Reveel

Sky Shelter Directed By Marcel Schlack

2. Sky Shelter

Sky Shelter is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi that feels as if the short film is a part of a larger story. The world-building and VFX are impressive and only add to the immersion of the film. The synopsis reads: Ryan had already resigned himself to his fate as a solder hiding from the apocalyptic postwar regime when a wandering stranger crosses his borders. Although everything in Ryan resists, a long-forgotten hope to turn the tide reawakens in him.

Sky Shelter Is Now Available To Watch on Reveel

Snowdrifters Directed By Kathleen S. Gleeson

3. Snowdrifters

It’s usually a good idea in most situations to avoid approaching a wild baby animal. The parent is generally nearby and will perceive any approach to their youngster as a threat. Snowdrifters takes this idea to a new prehistoric world, centering around a rhinoceros. The synopsis for the film reads: In a land of humans and dinosaurs, a girl and her raptor go out in search of herbs for a sick partner. In their hunt for flowers, the raptor accidentally spooks a baby hornface, and inadvertently sets off a chain of events that keeps putting the girl and the raptor between the baby and its fiercely protective parents.

Snowdrifters Is Now Available To Watch on Reveel

The Majestic Theater Co. Pilot Directed By Jeff Addiss

4. The Majestic Theater Co.

This short film is the pilot episode in the web series titled, The Majestic Theater Co. The pilot introduces us to a variety of characters who all have different quirks and personalities. The absurd comedy works to great effect and the actors have great chemistry with one another. The series follows the plight of the men and women of a struggling dinner theater as they try to find ways to keep their theater open.

The Majestic Theater Co. Is Now Available To Watch on Reveel

It's Not Contagious Directed By Jamie Root

5. It’s Not Contagious

This short film is freakishly macabre with an ironic twist at the end that makes everything make sense. JFR Media manages to create a hilarious short film with a great cast that knows how to deliver the material. The film is about a woman in denial about falling apart as she gets a diagnosis with the help of her two friends.

It’s Not Contagious Is Now Available To Watch on Reveel

Coded Directed By Jose Salazar

6. Coded

Coded is a tense sci-fi thriller that keeps you on your toes throughout the film. The short is a blend of sci-fi and horror that illustrates how we are conditioned to hate each other. Co-written and directed by Jose Salazar, the film is about a group of ragtag survivors in a world run down by constant fighting who seek revenge against a rogue enemy after one of their own is killed.

Coded Is Now Available To Watch on Reveel

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