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From the heartrending account of school segregation to the thrilling depiction of the Wild West’s unsung heroes, these 10 Best Movies Based on True Stories invite you to walk a mile in the shoes of others, many of which have truly left indelible footprints in our world. Get ready to embark on a journey through time, culture, and pure courage, with narratives that promise to leave you thoughtful and perhaps even changed. Without further ado, here’s a glimpse into lives as fascinating as they are real.


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10. Letters to Freedom


At its heart, “Letters to Freedom” showcases the powerful narrative of Julie, a southern white girl, who falls in love with Seth, a former slave once owned by her father. This story captures their tumultuous journey against the backdrop of one of the darkest periods in American history, exploring themes of unshakeable love, bravery, and conviction. The movie moves beyond its historical significance to underscore the lasting impacts of our choices and the strength of human spirit.


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9. The Confession


Cut from the very fabric of the author’s reality, The Confession presents a harrowing, yet heartfelt narrative that explores the life of Stephen Drury Phillips. Birthed in the dark days when Covid-19 had the world in its remorseless grip, this film documents the author’s introspective journey, his embedded love for God and his struggle with the horrors of the pandemic. This is a story of a man’s reconciliation with his faith, confronted with the ultimate test—an inquiry from God himself.


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8. Building Bridges


A sobering yet inspiring reflection of our not-so-distant past, Building Bridges tells the story of a resilient young African-American girl who courageously dismantles the barriers of school segregation in the U.S. during the early 1960s. As she steps boldly into white-dominated spaces, she forever alters the landscape of American education, empowering future generations to follow in her groundbreaking footsteps.


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7. Dear John, I’m Sorry


A tale woven from the rich fabric of real life, Dear John, I’m Sorry, presents an entrancing story of how a man’s life is turned upside down when he discovers an emotional letter from his elderly neighbors in an unexpected package. The narrative winds through the profound realization of the weight of the situation and its reverberating impact.


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6. Lady Lawman


Forge your way deep into the indomitable spirit of the Old West with Lady Lawman. This film showcases the life of Frances Miller, the first female deputy marshal in the history of the Old West. Eager to find her husband’s murderer, Miller takes a staunch stand, proving that determination knows no gender boundaries when she joins the posse of men in their pursuit of a brutal outlaw.


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5. Bass Reeves


This extraordinary story drops you right into the thick of the lawless Indian Territory where Reeves squared off against a band of desperate outlaws, led by the notorious Ben Carver. Despite being threatened by an overwhelming number of guns, Reeves stood tall, testament to the courage and resilience that defined his storied career as a lawman.


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4. After the Rain


After the Rain is a poignant exploration of love, loss and resilience. The film grapples with the complex human experience of coping with terminal illness and the desperate pursuit of a fulfilling life in the wake of an unforgiving diagnosis. The narrative unfolds the moving story of a young man, running against time due to a terminal illness, and a woman, who fiercely takes up the task of infusing life into his dwindling days.


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3. Something In The Woods


This chilling narrative takes us to the late 1960s where we delve into the lives of the Hartman family, ordinary folks whose lives are turned upside down by startling encounters with an ominous creature near their secluded farmhouse nestled deep in the woods. A gripping tale of suspense and survival, this movie offers a disturbingly plausible account of a mythical creature’s infiltration into an otherwise peaceful rural existence.


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2. The Gift


The Gift is a moving tale that unveils a fascinating chapter of American history. On the cusp of his eleventh birthday, a young boy, born on the wrong side of the tracks, is gifted with the chance to choose his present. Little does he realize that this choice will be a pivotal moment for both his life and music history. Enter the world of the boy who grew up to be none other than the ‘King of Rock n Roll’—Elvis Presley.


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1. The Haunting of Julia Fields


A supernatural horror story that is unfortunately based on a true story. A young, small-town girl moves out on her own for the first time in hopes of finding a new beginning, only to realize her new home has something sinister lurking. This supernatural horror story is unfortunately based on a true story.


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