What is RomaDrama and When Does It Take Place?

The Hallmark Channel has built a devoted fan base over the years and now those fans can meet their favorite movie stars in-person at RomaDrama.

RomaDrama is an event that gives Hallmark fans the opportunity to meet each other as well as the actors they have watched for so long. Jennifer Silliman has taken Hearts of Stars to RomaDrama in 2022 to broadcast from the event live. So, what is Romadrama? Read this blog post to find out.

What is RomaDrama?

RomaDrama is the one-of-a-kind event for fans of Hallmark and other uplifting networks to meet their favorite stars in person. Founded by Gabrielle Graf Palmer and Sara Lunsford in 2019, RomaDrama offers a unique celebrity experience that will make you feel like you are a part of a family. Romadrama is held in various cities throughout the year and usually spans an entire weekend.

Many of the hottest stars from Hallmark, Lifetime, and other channels have attended RomaDrama like Ryan Paevey, Andrew Walker, Colin Egglesfield, Brittany Bristow, Riley Weston, and Crystal Lowe.

Experience Romadrama’s Christmas in Chicago

Heart of Stars is a talk show where the host travels to different parts of the country and interviews your favorite movie stars about everything they hold close to their hearts. Jennifer Silliman is the host of Hearts of Stars and has the ability to connect with her guests as both a friend and a fan.

Last December, Jen took Hearts of Stars to Chicago where she interviewed your favorite Hallmark stars live on the red carpet. Hears of Stars also released a special episode that gives viewers an opportunity to virtually get a glimpse at what it’s like to go to the event. Watch the episode on Reveel for free.

Watch Hearts of Stars For Free on Reveel

Romadrama 2023 Dates

Romadrama has already taken place in 2023 on the weekend of June 24th. The event in 2024 will likely be held in the summer on a weekend in late June. Though the dates have not yet been announced, fans can expect Romadrama to host the event just as they have in previous years. Stay updated on Romadrama event announcements on their official website or social media.

Watch Hearts of Stars While Waiting For Romadrama 2024

Romadrama provides a great opportunity to get to know your favorite Hallmark stars but it’s not the only way to do so. You can also get up close and personal with your favorite stars without even having to leave your home. Hearts of Stars is an original Reveel talk show that follows host Jennifer Silliman as she intimately gets to know movie stars from Hallmark, Uptv and other feel-good networks.

Heart of Stars is unlike any other show because of the host, Jennifer Silliman. Jennifer is a wife, mother, an advocate for mothers, and fan of feel-good rom-coms. She one day decided to reach out and chat with her favorite rom-com actors/actresses, which led to the creation of Hearts of Stars.

Jennifer’s distinctive ability to connect with her guests on an intimate level, as both a friend and fan, makes her interviews not only informative but also incredibly endearing. Stars like Andrew Walker, Nikki DeLoach, Ryan Paevey, Cindy Busby, and Colin Egglesfield have all made an appearance on Hearts of Stars so far with more celebrities slated for future episodes.

Watch Hearts of Stars For Free on Reveel

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