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What is The Storyteller (2018)? Everything You Need To Know

Remember the magic of E.T. or The Goonies?

Let’s throw it all the way back when films really were magical, and you could escape for an hour and a half into a world where everything will magically be better because, well, the story said so.

The Storyteller reshapes the rough world of fosters with a lot of cinematic magic. The kind of magic that brings families together and turns old ladies back into little girls. Here is everything you need to know about The Storyteller, available on Reveel this Friday, March 15th.

What is The Storyteller About?

The love of a child can bring joy and healing to many people but can it bring a broken family back together? On the run from her mysterious past and guided by a fairy, Abby attempts to heal the relationship between a mother and daughter using music and joy.

Who Created The Storyteller?

At the helm of The Storyteller is director and co-writer Joe Crump. Notably, Crump received an Emmy nomination for his work on the series Children of Internment, the documentary explored German family life during World War II. While The Storyteller marks Crump’s second film project, he has not brought his talents to the big screen since this project in 2018.

Constance Towers and Brooklyn Rae Silzer in ‘The Storyteller’

Who is in the Cast?

The Storyteller has a talented ensemble cast. For some, Constance Towers will be a familiar face. The veteran actress has an extensive filmography, but her most iconic role is undoubtedly her 160-episode stint on the soap opera General Hospital.

James Snyder in ‘The Storyteller’

On the romantic lead front, James Snyder brings both charisma and relatability, recognizable to many as Amanda Bynes’ on-screen brother in the cult classic She’s The Man. But the real scene-stealer may be the young Brooklyn Rae Silzer, whose magnetic performance as the film’s central child breathes life into the mysterious character.

Where To Watch The Storyteller

The Storyteller will be available to watch on Reveel this Friday, March 15th. But here’s the best part – you won’t have to empty your pockets to experience the magic. This heartwarming tale will be available for your viewing pleasure absolutely free of charge on Reveel. All you need is to log in.

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