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10 Best Movies For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the wonder, love, and sheer resilience of all the maternal figures. Also probably a good day to not ask them for anything (just saying). There is no singular way to be a great mom, and we think we have the films to show you exactly how different each one’s motherhood journey is. Whether you’re with your mom or honoring her memory, here are the 10 best movies for Mother’s Day in Reveel.

But first: When is Mother’s Day in 2024

Mark your calendars for May 12th, 2024, as this is the date when we’ll be showering our moms with love and appreciation.

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A New Way To Celebrate Mother’s Day

Children, this is not the time to relax. It’s your turn to clean the house, think about meal planning, and worry whether or not everyone’s a decent adult at this point. Instead, let mom relax and unleash the fury within through our list of the best movies for Mother’s Day in Reveel.

10. Everything’s Heavy

When a young girl with an untamed imagination finds herself stranded on a treacherous planet, it’s up to her mother to navigate an existential crisis while guiding her daughter back to safety. This gripping film masterfully combines fantasy with poignant emotions, showcasing an extraordinary mother-daughter bond.

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9. The Lost

The Lost is a thrilling deviation from typical Mother’s Day fare. Yet, it notably explores the theme of nurturing, although in this case, from a chilling angle. A young couple seeks shelter from a raging storm in an ancient abandoned house, oblivious to the fact that it harbors sinister secrets that lie in wait for them.

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8. The Story of Mother’s Day

In a true testament to the power of exploration and learning, a group of high school students, struggling to find the right script, music, and choreography for their school play, stumble upon the origins and true meaning of Mother’s Day. Offering a heartfelt tale of discovery and appreciation for the selfless love mothers provide, this film dives deep into the history of this treasured holiday.

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7. The Verdict

The Verdict dives deep into the unfathomable depth of a mother’s love. When Arash becomes a murder suspect, Fereshteh puts her faith in him and the truth. Teaming up with a persistent lawyer, this remarkable mother showcases an extraordinary display of determination and fortitude, making it a suitable pick for our list of best movies for Mother’s Day.

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6. Return to Me

A stirring testament to the resilience of motherhood, “Return to Me” is an improvised gem of a movie that tells the heart-rendering tale of a woman on the run and a teenage mother. Embarking on a journey of healing across the American West, this movie explores what it means to survive – not just in the wild, but in the wilderness of the heart as well.

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5. My Mom Robs Banks

My Mom Robs Banks is a captivating tale that adds an unexpected flavor to our best movies for Mother’s Day list. When a teenage girl unearths the shocking reality that her own mother is the mastermind behind the recent spree of bank robberies in their town, she’s dead set on helping her come clean about the goons forcing her into this life of crime.

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4. Being Grace

Striving to carve out her own path in the world of dance, teenager Grace finds herself in a constant struggle to meet the stringent expectations of her mother. ‘Being Grace’ explores the intricate relationship between mothers and daughters, and the sacrifices they are willing to make for each other’s happiness.

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3. Sister Cities

The strength, complexity, and intricate nature of familial relationships take center stage in Sister Cities. This emotionally charged drama unravels the story of four incredibly different sisters – each named after a major city – who reunite under the weighty circumstances of their mother’s alleged suicide. This Mother’s Day, don’t miss a movie that resonates with the beauty of motherly love.

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Smuggling in Suburbia

2. Smuggling in Suburbia

Displaying a testament of a mother’s love in its most fierce form, Smuggling in Suburbia takes you on an exhilarating journey dotted with tension and fear. This dramatic storyline unfolds as a naive teenage girl inadvertently lands in the intriguing yet deadly world of diamond smuggling. You’ll be captivated by the lengths a dedicated mother will go to protect her child.

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1. Murder RX

Revealing a darker shade to the theme of motherhood, Murder RX spins the tale of a single mother who moves to a small town hoping for a calm, stable life. However, this particular town holds sinister secrets that she finds herself entwined with. As she struggles for escape, she shows the strength and resilience that personify motherhood, despite a situation far from ideal.

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