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10 Best Sci-Fi Movies about Space

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Alright, alright, we may not have the budget to bring you the adventures from that galaxy far, far away. But we do have a celestial lineup of mind-blowing sci-fi movies and shows that will take you straight into the cinematic cosmos. We present the 10 best sci-fi movies about space in Reveel that will launch you into a new galaxy.

10 Best Movies About Outer Space Streaming In Reveel

10. Angel One

Angel One is a pulse-racing narrative about two combative pilots battling for their lives – and for glory. This short film takes us on an adrenaline-fueled journey as the protagonists maneuver through perils and predicaments, embodying the valor and bravery that are found in the science fiction genre.

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9. Infinity 7

Embarking on a solo journey through the vast expanse of the universe is a daunting task – the kind that the lone astronaut of Infinity 7 willingly undertakes. However, tranquil solitude quickly spirals into a survival thriller when his spacecraft malfunctions. Stranded in the orbit with the cold cosmos waiting for him, our lone astronaut must wrestle against the horrors of eternal entrapment.

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8. Sky Shelter

In a futuristic dystopia, one man has made a life for himself in solitude. But when a stranger wanders into his territory, hope returns to his life, threatening the status quo of his remote existence. Sky Shelter delves into the aftermath of a devastating war and that’s why it’s number 8 on our list of best sci-fi movies about space.

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7. Laniakea

Set in a distant future where superluminal speeds make interstellar travel a reality, Laniakea daringly explores the profound depths of solitude and the yearning for extraterrestrial contact. A lonely wanderer of the cosmos stumbles upon a monolithic message floating through space, plunging him into an alien world where life as we know it might be just a whisper away.

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6. Dirigible Days

“Dirigible Days” is a standout web series that paints a captivating picture of space travel escapades and perilous missions. When the ship embarks on a tumultuous journey, transporting a dubious lawman and his menacing captive from the Cult of Cthulhu, things quickly turn into a roller-coaster ride of suspense and thrill.

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5. Voyage Of The Chimera

Young and untested, yet carrying the weight of responsibility on his shoulders, civilian aristocrat Marcus DeVol purchases his path into military service. Suddenly finding himself at the helm of the Chimera, a barely serviceable, battered old destroyer, Marcus grapples with youth, inexperience, and self-doubt.

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4. Star Warrior: The Legend Of Aciris

When we think about the best movies about outer space, epic journeys and alien encounters usually come to mind, and Star Warrior: The Legend Of Aciris does not disappoint. This film throws you into the thrilling narrative of Aciris, a young warrior who gets abducted by aliens. Forced into slave labor in an underground colony, against all odds, Aciris ascends the ranks of the gladiatorial pits, ultimately escaping his captors. And that’s just the beginning.

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3. Centauri 29

Transport yourself to the vast, thrilling expanse of space with Centauri 29. This engrossing drama captures the suspense and danger of interstellar travel and colonization as it follows a private aerospace company’s secret quest to locate a missing NASA Ark spaceship on Mars.

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2. BackSpace

In the ruthless realm of cosmic exploration, only the bravest or most desperate dare to hunt for black holes. Set in the unfathomable depths of BackSpace, fevered adventurers, outlaws, and explorers — anyone with ambitions vast as space itself — will resort to the unthinkable to seek their fortune in infinite darkness. Betrayal, danger, and death are merely the price of admission in their celestial gamble.

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1. Blade Of Honor

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