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10 Movies about Witches

As the season of the witch approaches, it’s the perfect time for a cinematic coven gathering. From enchanting escapades to sinister sagas, we’ve conjured up a list of 10 movies that dive broomstick-first into the realm of witches and witchcraft. So light the black candles, draw the curtains, and prepare for a magical movie marathon that promises to enchant and alarm. Here, in no particular order, are 10 spellbinding movies about witches.

10. The Fable of Isabella

In a chilling narrative reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project, The Fable of Isabella weaves a gripping saga of the arcane from the perspective of a reclusive writer. The protagonist struggles to construct a film script from the unfinished documentary footage about a child witch. The story takes a dark turn as the writer’s mind unravels, consumed by guilt, fear, and impending insanity.

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9. How To Rob A Witch

An off-beat, charming spectacle, How To Rob A Witch, proves magic can be found where it’s least expected. This award-winning short film by Irish animator Liam Fahy gracefully stitches together elements of fantasy and heist. It narrates the adventurous tale of a daring brother-sister duo who scheme to rob a witch’s house, clandestinely nestled at the bottom of a wishing well.

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8. Strix

In the cursed October of 1978, a sinister saga unfolds in the film Strix. When a cult of witches collides with a psychotic bounty hunter, the aftermath is nothing but a grotesque whirlwind of blood-soaked insanity. From the moment the film begins, you’re thrust into a world where witches and man, driven to the edge, clash in a horrifying dance of death that will chill you to the bone.

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7. Scarlet’s Witch

Delve into an adult fairy tale where a lonely girl named Scarlet stumbles upon a witch in the woods. What unravels is a complex and captivating story, uncovering the true meaning of friendship, love, and the price one might have to pay for it. This enchanting tale of companionship and deceit will leave you pondering long after the credits roll.

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6. Dick Control

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But when life gives you a hex, well, that’s a whole other ball game. Enter the world of Richard “Trigga” Simmons. A wealthy, lascivious rapper notorious for his jet-setting lifestyle and promiscuous habits, Richard’s life takes an unexpected twist when he crosses the wrong woman. After a disrespectful one-night-stand with a beautiful groupie—who happens to be a witch—Richard finds himself on the receiving end of a “penis curse”. Now incessantly tortured by his cursed member, the only way to break the hex is by learning to respect women.

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5. Incantation

A headstrong university student strays far from the path of textbooks and ordinary exams, plunging into the dark and forbidden world of witchcraft to boost her grade point average. The movie explores the tension between the familiar world of student life and the dangerous undercurrents of witchery. However, the protagonist discovers that messing with forbidden arts is far from child’s play, especially when she unwittingly triggers a mortal curse that puts her father’s life in peril.

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4. Spider

Spider tells a terrifying story spun by an enigmatic Black Widow. Roshanda James weaves her web through murder and dark arts to transform herself into a irresistible seductress. When it comes to her fatal allure, desire can be deadly, and no man can escape the lethal pull of her enchantments.

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3. Twisted Fiction

Twisted Fiction serves a trilogy of tales bound by the common thread of witchcraft. The first story yanks us onto a hypnotic roller-coaster ride, where a man stalks a hypnotist who gives his wife a “hypno-orgasm”. The next tale sets the stage for a kinky motel rendezvous that spirals into a chilling bloodshed. Capping off this wicked triad is a tale dipped in karmic retribution, where an exploitative movie producer becomes the target of revenge by a coven of witches.

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2. It Shall Not Be Named

A tale of an estranged couple grappling with ominous paranormal events. Their fears crescendo as they unearth a shocking truth: their new roommate is a witch with a sinister agenda. If you dare to journey alongside this pair, prepare to witness a frightful fusion of suspense, drama, and spectral spine-chillers.

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1. The Witch Hunt: The History Of The Witch Hunt

The film comprehensively dissects why witches were hunted, vilified and feared, painting a dark yet riveting picture of the persecution they faced across the centuries. As it turns out, despite everything, witches and witchcraft have not only survived but have become the fastest-growing religion in the world.

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