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7 New Movies on Reveel To Watch This Weekend

This weekend, we’re showcasing a compelling new lineup of cinematic ventures that are sure to captivate your hearts and minds. These seven new films on Reveel carry narratives as varied as they are engaging. Grab your favorite spot on the couch, silence your phone, and prepare to be whisked away to worlds untold with our curated selection of must-watch movies this weekend. Without further ado, here are 7 new movies on Reveel.

7. Inseparable

Inseparable tells the story of two preteen girls from very different backgrounds. Despite the societal tensions that threaten to pull them apart, they manage to hold onto a friendship that is both strong and impenetrable. Even when the members of their respective families have misgivings, the girls stand firm in their shared bond.

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6. Launch

In the heartwarming tale of Launch, we are privy to the serene existence of an elderly couple. They navigate their daily lives, each activity imbued with shared history and a sense of quiet urgency. But don’t let the picturesque calm fool you, there is more brewing just under the surface. This remarkable gem seeks to reveal how love, nostalgia, and acceptance can intermingle in the golden years.

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5. Stavolta tocca a me (This time it’s my turn)

Intrigued by the unique concept of love and relationships? An intriguing piece of advise is shared in the movie “Stavolta tocca a me” (This time it’s my turn) – If you want a woman (be it your wife, girlfriend, lover or even friend) to fall in love, the solution, quite oddly, is to leave her. While it may seems like a sweeping generalization, it’s an intriguing and unorthodox take on relationships that certainly warrants curiosity.

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4. Goin’ With the Flo

In this gut-wrenchingly raw short film, a pregnant woman is entrapped in the haunting nightmare of domestic abuse. Bravely fictionalized but derived from the heart-shattering experiences of Doug Phillips’ stepmother, this story offers a brutally honest glance into the hidden torments suffered in abusive relationships. The stakes feel painfully high as the protagonist’s fears mount, not just for her own wellbeing, but for the life beginning to blossom within her.

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3. Firstborn

This film unveils a chilling narrative that investigates the boundaries of one’s deepest fears. The story highlights a man’s punishing journey as he attempts a soul-shattering act of sacrificing his firstborn son to a demon. However, an unexpected discovery threatens to unhinge his sinister plans, setting the plot into a spine-tingling spiral.

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2. Dead Language

Looking for a dive into the realm of the dark and supernatural? Then meet this thrilling tale revolving around a group of amateur cultists who rise up to the challenge of summoning a demon. ‘Dead Language’ deals with the obscure and the arcane in an exhilarating ride that flirts with terror and suspense.

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1. Foursome

‘Foursome’ walks you down memory lane, reflecting on life-changing incidents from the past. This captivating drama unfolds when two 40-something women delve into a deeply shared memory from their teenage years that forever altered their lives. As they wrestle with their past, the question arises: Could their youth have transpired differently?

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