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Swipe Club (2018): Where To Watch

Reveel is streaming Swipe Club starting today. A movie offering the fantasy of the easy, if audacious, way out of insurmountable student loans. Forget professional thieves and a Vegas casino, this clever heist flick assembles a ragtag crew of college students plotting to pull off the ultimate Robin Hood caper. Think Ocean’s Eleven meets Van Wilder, but with stakes that hit far closer to home for everyone struggling to understand why they’re still paying off their student loans 20 years later.


What is Swipe Club about?

When two unlikely friends, Dustin and Jett, find out that graduating from university will no longer provide them with their lifelong dreams. They assemble a team of five like minded students to take their money back from the university but they end up getting into a lot more than they bargained for.

Curtis Wyatt III in Swipe Club (2018)

Who Directed this film?

Curtis Wyatt III is mainly an actor, who also wrote and directed Swipe Club. He most previously starred in a role in a short film titled, Elevator Pitch and his most notable role was in the Manhunt TV series on the Discovery Channel.


Where Can I Watch The Film?

Swipe Club is available to watch on Reveel, a new rising player in the world of streaming. It’s a free streaming service that puts a spotlight on our growing collection of indie films, original stories, and the b-roll of more well known film studios.

Swipe Club Now Streaming in Reveel

Year: 2018
Director: Curtis Wyatt III
Cast: Curtis Wyatt III, Andrew Yackel, Raven Wynn, Korin Stewart, and Barry Piacente
Genre: Comedy, Crime

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