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New on Reveel: 8 Films About Survival, Sci-Fi, Romance, & Drama

Another week means another round-up of compelling short films from talented independent filmmakers. These new additions mark the debut of many filmmakers on Reveel’s platform, like Robert Rowden, Collin Arend, Heck Carreon, and Jared Smith. We also see the return of Tara Price, the writer and star of The Routine, and Periklis Tsintzas, the director and writer of Guesthouse. From a post-apocalyptic sci-fi to a romantic dramedy, here are 8 new short free movies on Reveel.

Trace Poster Image

“Trace” Directed By Jared Smith

Sometimes the story doesn’t need to be complex to be interesting. Sometimes all a story needs is a goal and an obstacle. Trace is a short film about a desperate mercenary who is hunted down in an apocalyptic desert for a mysterious object. Without any dialogue and a simple premise, Trace still manages to entertain.

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The Show Poster Image

“The Show” Directed By Richard Rowden

If a couple’s relationship is strained, a weekend away can do wonders to put them back on the right track or it could end the relationship where it stands. The Show is a dramedy that conveys this idea in a short amount of time. The film is about a couple who head out into the wilderness for a weekend away, only for their relationship to come to a head when Sam admits that he can’t carry on anymore. Director Richard Rowden created a short film that has an intriguing conflict that will keep you watching until the end.

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Double Date Poster Image

“Double Date” Directed By Heck Carreon

Many stories have revolved around a miscommunication or a lie. Deception can easily cause a lot of conflict in relationships. Double Date is a romantic comedy that is based on a lie. A lie told when you are not the smoothest one with the girls and you invite your cool friend to accompany you on your first date. The short film is about a nerdy art savvy who planned the perfect first date with the perfect woman he met online. However, his friend seems to have different plans.

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A Beautiful Sunday Poster Image

“Beautiful Sunday” Directed By Periklis Tsintzas

A question as old as time, how would you respond if you accidentally committed manslaughter? Would you come forward immediately or hesitate? Beautiful Sunday is a short film that asks this question with a couple that does everything you’re not supposed to do after accidentally hitting someone with your car. The film is about a couple whose Sunday trip takes an unexpected turn when an accident dramatically complicates things. The husband is forced to make a choice and decides that will turn their ride into a nightmare.

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Another Grace & Johnny Adventure: Zombie Island Poster Image

“Another Grace & Johnny Adventure: Zombie Island” Written By Tara Price

This short film is an homage to the screwball comedies from the 1940s and 50s. Directed by Peter Soby Jr. and written by Tara Price, Another Grace & Johnny Adventure: Zombie Island is about Newlyweds Grace and Johnny who survive a plane crash on a mysterious island only to discover that the place has been taken over by zombies! Tara Price and Peter Soby Jr. take a different approach to the zombie genre. One that is rooted in lighthearted humor.

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Survive Frame Grab

“Survive” Directed By Richard Rowden

Survive is a short film that is more captivating and entertaining than many films that you’ll find produced in Hollywood. The film not only has beautiful cinematography but also has a compelling main character. The film reveals glimpses of his internal monologue that gives us insight into his character. Survive is about one man who is pushed to his limits and finds his faith in the darkness. His test begins now.

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Paladin: The Brotherhood Episode 1 Poster Image

“Paladin: The Brotherhood Episode 1” Directed By Colin Arend

Directed by Colin Arend, Paladin: The Brotherhood is a fantasy adventure that follows two brothers, Orrik and Jace, as they embark on a quest to protect their order from a cult of shadow worshipers. The film may be the pilot of a series but it still can be a great watch for those who love fantasy.

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S.A.M. Sentient Automation Model Poster Image

“S.A.M. Sentient Automation Model” Directed By Heck Carreon

Is it possible for a robot to love? S.A.M. Sentient Automation Model, a short film directed by Heck Carreon, is about a neurotic android who has trouble expressing his newly realized feelings for his human co-worker, threatened by a newer and better android. The idea of artificial intelligence has captivated audiences for decades and S.A.M. Sentient Automation Model is a great addition to the genre.

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