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New on Reveel: 8 Added Free Movies To Watch Online

Happy Friday! The weekend is nearly here and Reveel has 8 new online free movies for you to entertain yourself with. The films vary from a short 3-minute film about Edgar Allen Poe to a full-length feature film about the Ireland Civil War. All of these films are created by talented independent filmmakers from countries all around the world. Without further ado, here are the 8 new free movies to watch online on Reveel.


1. Payload

Payload is an action-chase film made on a very low budget and yet, surprises with its high production value, impressive SFX, and thrilling action sequences. Starring Diego Amaral and Theo Handen, the film is about a mysterious high-value item (the ‘Payload’) that must be delivered to a buyer. However, things take a turn when the supposed routine exchange turns into a crazy all-out hunt. Payload’s believable action set pieces on a low budget is an incredible feat by directors Sonat Duyar and Patrício Faísca.

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Edgar Allen Poe Annabel Lee

2. Edgar Allan Poe’s Annabel Lee

This short film is an experimental and abstract tribute to Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “Annabel Lee”. The poem was Poe’s last before his death on October 7th, 1849. The poem centers around the death of a beautiful woman and the love that the narrator still has for her. Brian Matsukey creates a short film that adapts Edgar Allan Poe’s “Annabel Lee” into a visual poem with creative cinematography.

Watch Edgar Allan Poe’s Annabel Lee For Free on Reveel

Friendship Aint Magic

3. Friendship Ain’t Magic

For those who love family-friendly, faith-based entertainment, Creative Truth Films is an independent filmmaking group that is dedicated to creating lighthearted skits and films for online audiences. The group created the short film Friendship Ain’t Magic as a tribute to kids who are fans of My Little Pony. The short is about Sarah and Katie, two sisters, who are determined to capture their eldest and persuade her to enjoy their beloved show by any means necessary. The film is wholesome fun that the whole family can enjoy.

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Azdaja movie

4. Aždaja: The Dragon

This award-winning animation tells a beautiful story in only images. The animation is captivating and the attention to detail has a mesmerizing quality. The film, directed by Ivan Ramadan, is based on the legend of the serpent-like dragon creature dwelling in remote Bosnian mountains. Aždaja: The Dragon takes place in a small Bosnian village, hidden among steep mountain cliffs. Throughout the centuries, the ritual of the Great Dragon summoning takes place every spring. The Great Dragon is the village guardian. As time goes by, the ritual gradually changes and loses its strength. The village is no longer hidden and strange new beliefs and deities take over its people.

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18 Frames movie

5. 18 Frames

Lovers of film footage and those who grew up using Super 8 cameras will appreciate the short film 18 Frames. The film is about two girls who venture into the mountains to film a Super 8 movie when a strange occurrence leaves them stranded in the woods with a mysterious creature and pursuing government agent. 18 Frames may have nostalgic elements, but it also has its fair share of suspense.

Watch 18 Frames For Free on Reveel

Guided Short Film

6. Guided

Guided is another short film created by Creative Truth Films. The short is a faith-based analogy for a Christian’s journey in their faith. Directed by Meagan Caudill, Guided is about three servants who brave a deadly forest in search of the Eternal Water to heal their kingdom.

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Judging Tree

7. Judging Tree

Periklis Tsintzas (Guesthouse and A Beautiful Sunday) adds his third film onto Reveel with Judging Tree. In the vein of Tsintzas other films, this short film is a mystical thriller with plenty of twists and intriguing characters. Judging Tree is about a former prisoner whose financial problems strain his relationship with his girlfriend. When the young man hears about a strange myth about the village he lives in, he takes matters into his own hands and his actions have drastic consequences. Judging Tree is another Tsintzas original that will have you guessing until the very end.

Watch Judging Tree For Free on Reveel

Once Upon A Time In Ireland

8. Once Upon a Time in Ireland

Once Upon a Time in Ireland is a feature film that centers the story around the year-long Irish civil war in 1922. As a result of the Irish War of Independence and the treaty agreed upon at the end of it, all of Ireland seceded from the UK and became a free state except for six northeastern counties known as Northern Ireland. The IRA or the Irish Republican Army was against the treaty and sought to keep Ireland united against British rule. Connor Slattery creates a feature film that tells the story of a band of Republican IRA idealists who are under siege in a tidal cave carved into the beautiful rugged wilderness of the Irish Atlantic coast. Outside awaits a bloodthirsty force of anti-IRA/pro-treaty British-supported troops. It’s a wild and beautifully captured tale about the birth of a great nation.

Watch Once Upon a Time in Ireland For Free on Reveel

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