Reveel Film and Series Recommendation Lists

Reveel’s 50 Most Popular Movies and Shows of 2023

Reveel’s fanbase of film lovers has been growing rapidly since its launch two years ago, and now we are proud to announce that we officially have crossed the 100K users mark. With Reveel getting new independent films and shows every week, users have constant new opportunities to discover and support original, talented filmmakers. In celebration of Reveel’s 100,000 milestone, we have compiled a list of the top 50 most-watched free movies and TV shows on the platform.

50. The Haunting of Julia Fields

A young, small-town girl moves out on her own for the first time in hopes of finding a new beginning, only to realize her new home has something sinister lurking.

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Katerina Kovalchyk in Roy Short Film

49. ROY

ROY is about a damaged slave robot on the run who stumbles into a workshop and the worker who must work fast to save her life.

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48. Last Night in Rozzie

After 25 years, a New York Lawyer returns to his Boston hometown to reunite with a friend that he hasn’t seen since a violent childhood incident. To his surprise, his friend is on his deathbed, and he has one desperate, last favor to ask.

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47. Everything Went Down

This beautiful and lyrical tale about love and the power of music follows the friendship of a young widower and a struggling musician. Her music brings him back to life and lifts his soul while he reminds her of the true merits of making music.

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46. Building Bridges

A young African-American girl bravely breaks through the wall of school segregation in the U.S. in the early 1960s.

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45. Cage

Seattle chat lines worker Gracie Blake decides to accept an offer from one of her clients for a ‘one night only’ personal visit. An offer that will leave Gracie imprisoned in a cage, somewhere in America… fighting for her life.

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44. Altered Minds

A family reunion goes awry when the oldest son makes the accusation that his dying father, a famed psychiatrist, adopted his children for the purposes of psychological experimentation.

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43. Bass Reeves

Bass Reeves, the greatest lawman to ever live, attempts to serve an arrest warrant to Ben Carver and his gang. Little did Reeves know he would be outgunned and that the outlaws would put up a fight to make sure he never serves a warrant again.

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42. Angel’s Perch

A young man must return to his small Appalachian hometown to face his grandmother’s worsening Alzheimer’s disease only to discover that his own painful memories are holding him back in his life.

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41. Enemy Within

When a Japanese pilot crash-lands on the tiny remote Hawaiian island of Ni’ihau, he is met with courtesy and traditional Hawaiian hospitality from the locals – until they discover he was part of the recent attack on Pearl Harbor.

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40. Something in the Woods

Follow the Hartman family and their dealings with a legendary creature when it begins coming around their farmhouse deep in the woods in the late 1960s.

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39. Act of Faith

A new musical mockumentary series. The staff of a Children’s Theatre Company faces outraged parents, budget cuts, apathetic children, and a mysterious saboteur as they fight to stage their first show. This staff needs you to keep them in your prayers.

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38. Voyage of the Chimera

Civilian aristocrat Marcus DeVol enters military service on a purchased commission as captain of Chimera – a battered, old destroyer with a bottom-dollar crew. Marcus must lead his crew despite his youth, inexperience, and self doubt in this sci-fi drama

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37. Insignificant

When a teenage boy is unexpectedly transferred to an all-boys school, he is forced to confront many realities he has been desperately avoiding: the divorce of his parents, a former friend turned bitter rival, a traumatic figure from his past and his own sexuality.

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Laniakea Short Film

36. Laniakea

Laniakea is about a futuristic space explorer who can travel at superluminal speeds and has hopes to find extraterrestrial life, but as of yet, has not succeeded in finding anything.

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35. Trace

Directed by Jared Smith, Trace follows a desperate mercenary who is pursued across an apocalyptic desert for an unknown object.

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34. Restitution Road

An attractive woman enlists the help of her two best friends to confront a charming man with a secret background who has pushed her to the breaking point. The women underestimate the consequences when they take matters into their own hands.

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33. Something Walks in the Woods

A viral video of a ghostly figure that passes through the edge of the woods each day prompts filmmaker Bill Howard to research further. After gaining access to the land, Howard is allowed to stay the night. It is something he would regret.

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32. Pray

A small group of exhausted Crusaders are forced to stop in an abandoned village where an ancient evil is awakened and the last trial of their faith comes.

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31. The King’s Daughter

King Louis XIV’s quest for immortality leads him to capture and steal a mermaid’s life force, a move that is further complicated by his illegitimate daughter’s discovery of the creature.

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30. Bass Reeves: Lawless

A mysterious gunman stumbles upon a couple of outlaws searching through a dead man’s belongings. The outlaws quickly discover that the gunman is actually Bass Reeves, the greatest lawman to ever live.

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29. A Hole in One

The 1953 tale of a woman (Michelle Williams) who escapes her abusive relationship with a gangster (Meat Loaf) by fixating on the idea that a lobotomy will solve everything.

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28. Come Morning

Set in rural Arkansas 1973, Come Morning is the tragic story of Frank and his 10-year-old grandson and the hunting accident that forever changes their lives.

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27. American Kamasutra

Female residents of a small town are drawn into complex relations with a local author of erotic fiction.

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Little Bi Peep

26. Little Bi Peep

Directionless and without a driver’s license, Emma is going nowhere fast and she knows it. The men and women this bisexual enigma has been sleeping with think she’s a waitress, an artist, or a kindergarten teacher… while in reality, she works in a seedy porn shop, dressing up nightly as various “sexy” characters. One night at the local Albany bar, Emma meets Mason, a transgender IT technician who seems to have it all. Soon, Emma finds her web of carefully crafted lies beginning to unravel when she encounters one of the few things she hasn’t before, sincere feelings for another person.

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25. The Cycle

The Cycle is a coming-of-age movie that tells the story of a young man named Lamar, who is unknowingly faced with breaking the cycle of poverty for his family. Lamar is faced with temptation and obstacles along the way.

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24. Myal Uprising

Kill his enemy’s daughter or be killed to unite the Caribbean community. The Emperor starts a secret organization. First, he must eliminate anyone hindering his progress by any means necessary.

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23. Six Tales of Sin

Six Short Anthology Stories is a horror and suspense anthology series filled with drama, hysteria, crime, and the unknown shot in New York City in 2020. The series was written and directed by Joseph Ciminera.

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22. Hidden Truths

A friendly neighborhood becomes not so friendly once a hidden truth is revealed. A story full of mystery and change.

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Azdaja movie

21. Aždaja / The Dragon

In a small Bosnian village, hidden amongst steep mountain cliffs, throughout the centuries, the ritual of the Great Dragon summoning takes place every spring. The Great Dragon is the village guardian. As the time goes by, the ritual gradually changes and loses its strength. The village is no longer hidden. Strange new beliefs and deities take over its people…

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20. Stolen Moments

A disillusioned young recluse hated his life, his boss, and his job swindling folks at the bottom of a struggling economy. Two years later he had the perfect job, the perfect life, and the perfect girl; it was the perfect time to throw it all away.

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19. Uncanny Harbor

Set in a seaside New England town, a recluse fisherman is reinvestigated on the mysterious vanishing of his wife, an English teacher named Emily, two decades ago. Having no recollection of the night she vanished, the fisherman begins to reflect and recall.

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18. Shift

Aliens have come from afar and drained Earth of its resources, leaving it a ravaged wasteland unsuitable for life. A small group of human survivors have adapted stolen Alien tech in order to survive the pungent atmosphere and are forced to learn how to fight back in order for humans to survive.

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17. Storm and Luther’s Forbidden Letter

Storm Voeten, son of printer Klaas Voeten, becomes the target of a hunt by the Inquisition. Aided by Marieke, a mysterious girl living in the underground sewers of Antwerp, Storm is caught in a race against time to save his father from death.

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16. A Hitman in London

After his last assignment ended with the death of an innocent woman, a hitman’s new job in London is compromised when he is overcome with guilt and ends up helping a desperate woman who is caught up in a human trafficking operation.

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15. Talisman

Talisman is a short film series about a young man who comes into possession of a strange necklace after his grandfather passed away. When he and his friends gather to watch a meteor shower in memory of his grandfather, they see something truly extraordinary and the talisman begins to reveal its secrets.

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14. Infected: The Darkest Day

As the country is ravaged by a deadly disease, a group of survivors encounter a mysterious young man, chased by the military. Unable to remember what happened, is he dangerous or is the solution to save mankind?

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13. Pros & Cons

A brooding male escort meets what he believes is a new client only to discover that she’s a prostitute that demands to be paid for her services after their sexual encounter. After the male escort refuses to pay, the prostitute’s pimp begins to harass and torture Tom in an attempt to recoup the money he “owes” him.

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The Negotiators Series Thumbnail

12. The Negotiators

The Negotiators is a series that tells the home buying/selling journey through the eyes of the real estate agent. Each episode features a Negotiator handling a crisis, all of which are true stories that come from real estate agents themselves. They are compelling reenactments that put a spotlight on the day-to-day issues that top agents face to give their clients satisfactory results.

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11. After The Rain

After The Rain tells the story of a struggling romance between a terminal young man running out of time and a woman desperate to breathe life into his final days. The situation for the terminal young man is bleak, but this film shows that even in the darkest of times there can be good that comes out of the journey.

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Sexo y Tortillas

10. Sexo y Tortillas

From director Priscilla Alvarez comes a short film about a small Latin American village that is all a buzz when a distant family member comes for a visit and brings her “business” along for the ride.

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9. Negotiators Luxe

On this real estate variety show, esteemed real estate agents across the country introduce us to some extraordinary homes and unveil fascinating secrets about their local communities.

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8. 27 Down

When a twelve-year-old boy is killed in a hit-and-run, Detective Ben Stone along with his partner are assigned to the case. Unknown to his partner, Ben may be the driver. As the tagline of the movie demonstrates, it’s not the thing we do that defines who we are but rather how we own up to our actions.

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7. What Other Couples Do

Married or dating? Then you’ll love this smart, snarky, but heartbreaking film about relationships, sex, and love. Four couples gather for an L.A. dinner party and decide to play the kissing game ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven.’ Be careful what you lust for!

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6. The Frame

Two strangers find their lives collide in an impossible way. Taking on the very root of fate, destiny, and their own existence, Alex and Sam race through an ever-changing universe while being pursued by a demonic man determined to erase the world.

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5. T H E M

Humans cannot see them anymore. They control the world and everything that happens in it. Humans live in a comfortable dream that repeats itself. They control the dream. They were humans once too. Now they are something else.

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Clutch Series

4. Clutch: Seasons 1 and 2

Clutch is a series about a pickpocket who gets offered up for debt collateral to human traffickers but instead enacts plans of her own.

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3. Callous

In order to protect his friends, an assistant district attorney is dragged into the world of crime, but he soon learns that nothing is what it seems.

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2. Hearts of Stars

Reveel’s latest original show has quickly become the most-watched series on Reveel. Heart of Stars is a unique talk show where the host travels to different parts of the country and interviews your favorite movie stars about everything they hold close to their hearts. Jennifer Silliman is the host of Hearts of Stars and has the ability to connect with her guests as both a friend and a fan.

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1. Into the Soul

A 19th-century fur trapper must figure out his past when he awakens all alone in the Rocky Mountains, badly hurt and with temporary amnesia.

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