Top 9 Trending Films on Reveel

We’re taking a quick break from our New on Reveel feature to put a spotlight on some of the films that Reveel fans are already familiar with on the streaming platform. With new additions to the platform every week, audiences have been exposed to diverse genres and stories. However, these nine films standout as Reveel’s most-watched films and shows over the past 90 days. Here is our list of our top 9 trending films on Reveel.

The Negotiators Series Thumbnail

1. The Negotiators (The Series)

The Negotiators is a Reveel original series that tells the home buying/selling journey through the eyes of the real estate agent. Providing viewers a behind-closed-doors look at the life of an agent, the series reveals the multiple obstacles that the top Negotiators fight endlessly to overcome for their clients to get the best deal possible. The show is a great educational resource for anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

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2. 27 Down (Feature Film)

When a twelve-year-old boy is killed in a hit and run, Detective Ben Stone and his partner are assigned the case, but what his partner doesn’t know is that Ben may be the suspect that he’s looking for. Several characters in this film take different paths that define who they really are. The film demonstrates how it’s not what we do that defines who we are but rather how we own up to our actions.

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Clutch Series

3. Clutch (The Series)

Clutch is a gritty femme fatale series that stars a vast ensemble that includes Jeff Sinasac (The Boys), Caitlynne Medrek (Fargo), Katya Gardner (X-Files), and Elitsa Bako. The film is about a pickpocket who gets offered up for debt collateral to human traffickers, but instead enacts plans of her own. This series is a collection of 18 short episodes by various directors and writers who offer a story that remains unequivocally unique.

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Frankenstein: Savior of the Zombie Apocalypse

4. Frankenstein: Savior of the Zombie Apocalypse (Short Film)

In a world ravaged by biological disaster, a lone survivor takes up refuge from the bloodthirsty creatures pursuing him… But his respite is short as he soon discovers he is not alone and his fate now lies in the hands of a different kind of monster. This short film is a refreshingly unique take on the zombie apocalypse genre.

Watch Frankenstein: Savior of the Zombie Apocalypse For Free on Reveel


5. Stay (Short Film)

The 2020 quarantine was an event that affected people all around the world in various ways. Many people were required to isolate themselves in their house for a long period of time. Stay is a short film made at the beginning stages of the Covid-19 quarantine. It captures the horror of being trapped within the four walls of your house and the descent into madness week by week.

Watch Stay For Free on Reveel

6. Trace (Short Film)

Trace has managed to capture Reveel audiences with its simple and compelling premise. The short film, directed by Jared Smith, is about a desperate mercenary who is hunted down in an apocalyptic desert for a mysterious object. With a goal, an obstacle, and no dialogue, Trace still proves to be entertaining.

Watch Trace For Free on Reveel

7. The Backwater Gospel (Animated Short Film)

This multi-award-winning animation tells a powerful story that is full of religious symbolism and metaphors. The Backwater Gospel has managed to break into Reveel’s top watched films in only two weeks because of its unique animation and the captivating story that evokes more emotion than most feature films. The short film is about the town of Backwater which is cursed by regular visits from The Undertaker and one day, the town decides to help death along.

Watch The Backwater Gospel For Free on Reveel

Helena’s Gate

8. Helena’s Gate (The Series)

Helena’s Gate is a story told in multiple episodes. It is the dark tale of a haunted, fragile young soul who finds herself thrown into a twisted and surreal adventure. Helena will be forced into exploring her own complex existence, shedding light on the darkest corners of her memory and her past. The series is presented over six episodes and spans five thrilling, horrifying and often hilarious hours.

Watch Helena’s Gate For Free on Reveel

ROY Short Film

9. ROY

Roy is a sci-fi drama short film about a robot mechanic holed away in a rundown barn, living in a world of rustic antiques melded with futuristic sensibilities. He is a man forgotten by society and spends his days tinkering at projects. That is, until someone unexpected opens the door to his shop. A slave robot on the run from her former master who desperately needs his help. He must race against the clock in order to save her before it’s too late. Roy is a short film with a theme that should inspire anyone who watches – Seeing the dignity in every person and reaching beyond yourself to help others in need.

Watch Roy For Free on Reveel

Discover More Amazing Independent Films and Shows on Reveel

These nine films and shows are only the beginning. Reveel has an ever-expanding library of original stories from talented independent filmmakers living all over the world. From animations to action set pieces, there are plenty of films just waiting to be discovered and more films are added to the platform every week. Check out Reveel today if you want to watch refreshing original stories. And, if you need some recommendations on what to watch you can find our film and show recommendations here.

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