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How Reveel Supported One Filmmaker’s Journey to Success

Wayne Cella, a filmmaker with a lifelong passion for storytelling, has encountered his fair share of challenges in the pursuit of breaking into the film industry. However, after almost two decades of doing something else, he couldn’t resist the call any longer and decided to become a full-fledged filmmaker. 

Embracing his life as a filmmaker, Wayne has since accomplished remarkable feats, boasting two successful web shows and a collection of film awards. He accredits a portion of his achievements to Reveel and the platform’s unwavering dedication to supporting filmmakers like himself.

1. Why did you choose Reveel to release your series “Insignificant”? What drew you to our platform?

Reveel reached out to us in May of 2022 regarding our series, “Talisman”. At that time, I had never distributed anything. I don’t know that I even had any reasonable expectation of distributing anything. Long story short, I really enjoyed working with the team at Reveel and their support for “Talisman” was really important and crucial to the show’s success. 

When we finished “Insignificant”, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to work with Reveel again to get the show out to a wider audience. If I was grateful for their support for Talisman, I was blown away and humbled by what they did for “Insignificant”. We couldn’t have asked for better partners. They were just amazing and in my mind, knocked it out of the park. 

2. How would you describe where your filmmaking career was before putting your shows on Reveel and how would you describe where it is now?

My career before partnering with Reveel was really nowhere. “Talisman” had done pretty well on the festival circuit and I was excited about that, but didn’t really know where to go next. I didn’t really know what the next step was even supposed to be. Distributing our work felt like it was worlds away. 

Following “Talisman” premiering on Reveel, things have definitely changed. It definitely upped the profile of the show and helped get it to people who might have never seen it otherwise. It helped with exposure for me and my team, and most importantly, it gave me confidence and belief in my storytelling. 

I feel like our trajectory is very different than it was before Reveel. 

3. Talisman is one of our most watched shows on the platform! How did you typically distribute your films/shows before using Reveel and what are some of the challenges that came from that?

I didn’t. “Talisman” was the first project that we made that felt worthy of a festival run. And since I didn’t really have much experience prior, aside from a couple of short films, I had no idea what I was doing. I just threw my shorts and even “Talisman” on Vimeo and YouTube and hoped for the best. I was extremely disappointed in the performance of the show and actually figured that we’d hit the end of the road with “Talisman”. It felt lost in a sea of content and didn’t really feel like it had found its audience. My hope at the time was that we’d make another project and again HOPE that it would resonate more with an audience. 

That all changed once we premiered on Reveel. It felt like we finally found the audience and got it in front of people who really wanted to see it. So “Talisman” went from this fun project we’d worked on to something that felt like a bit of a phenomenon. That never would have happened without the support of Reveel. 

4. What benefits did you experience by having an exclusive release on Reveel?

Reveel came up with amazing graphics and teasers for insignificant. The rollout was absolutely top notch. As an independent filmmaker, I’d normally have to do all of that stuff myself or pay to have it handled. Marketing and promoting isn’t the easiest thing to do. I’m a storyteller and filmmaker, not a marketing expert. 

Reveel gave me and my team an incredible chance for our story to find an audience and supported it all the way through the process. In addition, they gave us the chance to tell everyone why we made insignificant and why we thought it was important and special and worth people’s time. That is an unbelievable benefit for a small production company like we are. 

5. Would you recommend that other filmmakers collaborate with Reveel?

I’ve told all of my friends in the business and out about Reveel. I’d recommend anyone to partner up with them. If you’re a creator looking to get your story in front of an audience of film lovers, you really can’t go wrong working Reveel. 

From a film fan standpoint, the content on the network is excellent, and the platform is great. I’d be a fan of the network whether my shows were on it or not.

Again, I can’t say enough good about the team at Reveel. I feel like they really prioritize quality content and they are happy to partner with you and really help you find a strategy that will work best for you and your project. I hope to continue to partner with them on future projects as well. 

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