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Reveel’s Viewer-Centric Advertising Approach Redefines The Streaming Experience

In an era where consumer viewing habits have evolved, so have their expectations for advertisements. Today, consumers appreciate ads that seamlessly integrate into their viewing experience without causing disruptions. Reveel understands the importance of delivering relevant and engaging ads that resonates with viewers. 

By leveraging advanced data-driven technology, Reveel can target viewers to specific content, category, genre, location, age, or rating, empowering advertisers to reach their target audience with precision and maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

“I think, in general, people don’t hate commercials or advertisements. They just hate things that really detract from what they’re trying to watch. We want as many advertisers that are valuable to the viewer and do not detract from the viewing experience. From an advertising perspective, we want advertisers to be presented in a way that creates a positive impression on viewers.” – Matthew Tims, Co-Founder of Reveel Entertainment

Reveel has an audience-first philosophy, wherein viewers can enjoy advertisements as much as they do their favorite content. By curating positive and highly relevant ads for each viewer, Reveel ensures that the advertising content aligns with their viewer’s interests, enhancing engagement and generating a positive impression.

Reveel’s Original show, The Negotiators, exemplifies the innovative approach to advertising on the platform. By utilizing geo-targeting technology, the show connects home buyers with real estate agents located in their local area, facilitating meaningful connections between viewers and real estate professionals in their neighborhood.

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