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Reveel Partners With Award-Winning Filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth

Gavin Michael Booth, a multifaceted creative, has demonstrated his prowess as a prolific writer, editor, producer, and director, collaborating with esteemed filmmakers such as Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions, as well as major studios like NBCUniversal. Now, he is collaborating with Reveel, a rising streaming service who has created a network of original and inventive filmmakers.

“Meet the creators behind some of the great content behind the Reveel movie platform.” – Gavin Michael Booth

Gavin Michael Booth Hosts “Reveel’d”

As part of this partnership, Gavin Michael Booth hosts an engaging talk show called “Reveel’d,” exclusively on Reveel. Each episode of “Reveel’d” will offer viewers a behind the scenes look into the world of filmmaking by introducing them to the creative minds behind the original shorts, feature films, shows, and documentaries on the platform.

Gavin delves into a diverse range of topics with his guests on Reveel’d, exploring everything from their personal journey into filmmaking to the intricate inspirations behind the smallest details in a scene. Gavin Michael Booth’s passion for filmmaking allows him to authentically connect with every guest featured on Reveel’d.

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Gavin Michael Booth Releases a Short Film Exclusively on Reveel

Gavin has also released a new short film that he has directed himself exclusively on Reveel titled Rent Do. The film is a satire about how desperate you can feel when rent is due and you’re out of a job. 

The absurd comedy follows Rich, Winnie, and Pete who are unceremoniously fired on the same day. Winnie takes matters into her own hands and forces them all into hiding, jeopardizing their safety, sanity and savings. 

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