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Reveel Takes Real Estate Marketing To The Next Level With Innovative Advertising Technology

Within real estate marketing, the majority of real estate agents will be found using social media, running identical ads, and sending emails; but, how many of them have a presence on a streaming service?

What is “The Negotiators”?

The Negotiators is a Reveel original series that looks at the home buying and selling process through the eyes of the real estate agent. However, not just any agent is featured on the show. These agents, otherwise called Negotiators, provide extraordinary service to each of their clients and go the extra mile to make sure they are satisfied. 

Not only does the show itself provide a next-level marketing opportunity for real estate agents but Reveel also integrates advertisements promoting agents into the real estate reality show. 

Captivating Audiences and Empowering Agents

The Negotiators sets a new standard for non-disruptive and highly effective advertising in the real estate industry. The series seamlessly integrates advertisements promoting featured agents, referred to as Negotiators, into the show. Viewers encounter in-show pause ads that highlight different agents, as well as “featured segments” where local agents share valuable insights into the viewers’ local housing market.

Reveel also harnesses the power of geo-targeting to deliver personalized advertisements to viewers, ensuring that each individual is presented with ads from real estate agents located within their own neighborhoods.

“We’ve constructed the entire show in a way that integrates show segments from localized experts. “These agents are not running commercials. They are the featured experts in the show and we are highlighting experts in every individual area.” – Matthew Tims, Co-Founder of Reveel Entertainment

Reveel’s mission is to connect audiences with captivating stories, and the advertising experience serves as a powerful avenue to achieve that goal. Through close collaboration with advertisers, Reveel seamlessly integrates them into the ecosystem, fostering organic and impactful connections with the target audience.

How Advertising on “The Negotiators” Works

The Negotiators presents real estate agents with three distinct advertising opportunities: pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads (featured segments), and in-show pause ads. This approach allows agents to forge strong relationships with viewers throughout an episode. 

Pre-roll ads introduce the agent before each “The Negotiators” episode, while featured segments weave agent insights about the local housing market into the middle of the episode, providing added value. Lastly, direct response ads prompt viewers to contact their local real estate agent whenever they pause the program.

“We’ve set things up where the awareness, value, and action driver are all in one session for a viewer. It’s the least intrusive to the end viewer and the most valuable to the advertiser.”

Reveel’s Advertising Tech Opens Doors for Businesses to Connect with Engaged Viewers

Reveel’s The Negotiators showcases the platform’s advertising capability to deliver highly targeted and impactful advertising solutions. Real estate agents featured on the show can now reach a highly engaged audience through Reveel’s cutting-edge streaming technology, gaining exposure and establishing meaningful connections with potential homebuyers.

Businesses interested in participating in Reveel’s Partner Program are invited to contact the company today for a free chat about advertising. This program presents an exceptional opportunity for brands to connect with a highly engaged audience, leveraging Reveel’s state-of-the-art streaming platform to deliver tailored and impactful advertisements.